Due to unexpected surgery, I will be unable to work for several months. I am hoping to return to my private practise work by September 2022

Trish is an expert in the field of lactation, with over 20 years of experience. Her specialty is helping mothers and babies to the best possible start in their breastfeeding journey.
Trish lives on Sydney's northern beaches and is working in private practice. She can assist you with any breastfeeding concern in the privacy of your own home, giving you the tools, knowledge and confidence to enjoy this very precious time with your baby.


About Trish

Trish is a registered nurse and midwife, having worked in both public and private hospital settings in England, Australia, and New Zealand. Her most recent experience has been as a clinical nurse consultant (lactation) in The Sydney Adventist Hospital for 13 years and as a lactation consultant in Auckland City Hospital for two years. Trish currently lives on the northern beaches. She is blessed with two daughters and six granddaughters.


  • Registered Nurse UK  (NMW0000992974)

  • Registered Midwife UK  (NMW0000992973)

  • Certificate Accident & Emergency Nursing UK

  • Certificate Clinical Nurse Teacher UK

  • Graduate Diploma in Child & Family Health Nursing Sydney

  • International Board Certified Lactation Consultant Melbourne   L-43354 (20+ years)


Consultation Information

Not sure if Trish can help you?


A five-minute phone call is free to work out together if a consultation would be helpful, phone 0402 404 667.


Some examples of requests for consultations:


  • Discuss and explore your current issues

  • Gain self-confidence/validate your experience

  • Evaluation of breastfeeding technique

  • Evaluation of your milk supply

  • Assistance with the management of engorgement, sore nipples, blocked ducts, mastitis

  • Reading your baby cues

  • A review of settling/sleep patterns

  • Assist with the breastfeeding of twins/triplets

  • Breastfeeding the premature baby

  • Assistance with complex feeding problems

  • Assistance with breastfeeding after a breast reduction or augmentation

  • How to express and store breast milk

  • Collection of breast milk in the antenatal period

  • Preparation for return to work

  • How to wean from breastfeeding

  • Resources/links for further study


At the end of your visit, you will be equipped with a personalised plan and the knowledge to give you the best possible breastfeeding success. Follow up phone call, SMS or email is encouraged to ensure that things are going to plan. A receipt will be given for possible health fund rebate - please check with your health fund.



A five minute phone call is free to establish whether a consultation is needed

Hourly rate is $100.00 per hour. The initial consultation is $250.00 for up to 2 hours

(This includes 2 follow up telephone calls or text, plus an email summary of the visit)

Antenatal Consultation $200.00


Package of one antenatal consultation and one postnatal consultation - $350.00

Why does it take this long?

You may be wondering why a visit would take this long. Most first consultations require taking a detailed history of the mother’s pregnancy, birth details and current issues. It is helpful if the consultation starts well before the baby is due to feed so that a background history can be established. It is also essential for Trish to watch the whole feed in order to make an accurate evaluation of the feeding and any associated problems.


A personalised feeding plan will be established together and follow up by phone, SMS and email. A letter can be sent to your midwife, GP or ECHC if required or requested.


Most problems can be addressed in a single consultation but if further consultations are required or requested, then these are usually shorter in duration and therefore cost less.


Antenatal Classes via Video Conference or Face to Face, as preferred

Has your antenatal breastfeeding class been cancelled?


I can help you in these unsettling and uncertain times. Preparation is the key to enable the best start for you and your baby on your breastfeeding journey. A breastfeeding class can be carried out by video conferencing very easily and effectively. 


Advantages of a one-on-one class/consultation
  • Class/consultation is set to your pace

  • Lots of opportunity for questions in the privacy of your own home

  • Individual tailoring of the class to your personal needs

  • Links and resources for further study

Class content: Some examples of topics covered - there are many (1.5 - 2 hours)
  • Discussion of your personal needs 

  • Basic anatomy of the breast

  • How breast milk is made

  • Why and when you lactate

  • Normal newborn behaviour, especially over the first week - essential to understand the many changes happening at this time for you and your baby.

  • Understanding your baby's cues for food, love, comfort, attention

  • Settling and sleep

  • Attachment

  • Pain

  • Meeting your baby's needs

  • When feeding doesn't go to plan - challenges and management

  • Alternatives ways to approach your goals

  • Engorgement

  • Mastitis

  • Not enough milk?

  • Too much milk?

  • Flat/inverted nipples 

  • Antenatal hand expressing to collect breast milk

  • Breastfeeding multiples

  • Feeding a premature baby

  • Babies with special needs

  • Support people and how they can help you

  • Support structures 

  • Resources and links


Antenatal class consultation 1.5 - 2 hours - $200.00

Package of one antenatal consultation and one postnatal consultation - $350.00


Contact Trish 0402 404 667


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Based in Fairlight on the northern beaches, Trish will travel to the Lower and Upper North Shore and the Hills area, travelling up to 30 kilometres approximately.


If you are outside of this radius, but would like a visit, please contact Trish to discuss.

Books - Help with Breastfeeding and Settling


Mohrbacher, N & Kendall-Tackett, K 2010, Breastfeeding Made Simple: 7 natural laws for nursing mothers New Harbinger Publications, Oakland


Douglas, P 2014, The Discontented Little Baby Book  University of Queensland Press


Murkoff, H 2009, 4th Ed, What To Expect When Your' Expecting  Harper Collins




Australian Breastfeeding Association



Hand expressing breast milk

A video from the Stanford University School of Medicine demonstrating the technique of hand expressing



Postnatal depression

Beyond Blue

An Australian site with videos and resources for mothers dealing with perinatal anxiety and depression and for dads a guide to 1st 12 months, plus those dealing with anxiety and depression also.



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